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The Financial Commission

The Financial Commission is a neutral and independent dispute resolution organization that specializes in financial markets.

Since May 2018, Binomo has been a category “A” member of The Financial Commission. This speaks to the reliability of the company and guarantees our traders quality of services, transparency of relationships, and the protection of an independent professional organization. By joining The Financial Commission, Binomo reaffirms its commitment to maintaining the highest standards of trading honor and best business practices.

The Compensation Fund is a service included with The Financial Commission membership, which provides protection up to €20,000 per case should a Member refuse to adhere to a judgment from The Financial Commission. For more information.

A service that certifies the quality of trade execution, Verify My Trade (VMT)

Binomo underwent an audit by Verify My Trade (VMT) successfully and received a certificate of quality of trades. Verify My Trade is a specialized service that certifies the quality of trade execution. This organization cooperates with The Financial Commission, which makes it possible to transparently and reliably assess the quality of trade execution with brokers. Binomo always takes care to ensure the quality of services provided, and therefore agreed to undergo a monthly audit on 5,000 executed trades by VerifyMyTrade.


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The financial operations on this site may involve risks. By using the tools and services provided here, you may incur financial losses, including up to a complete loss of the funds in your Binomo account. Please evaluate the risks and consult with an independent financial advisor before making any trades. Binomo is not responsible for any direct, indirect, or consequential losses, or any other damages resulting from the user’s actions on the platform. Binomo is a category “ A ” member of the International Financial Commission, which guarantees our customers high quality service, transparency, and dispute resolution by an independent regulator….